måndag 21 september 2015

torsdag 27 augusti 2015

onsdag 17 juni 2015


Watch the video at DIY --> http://diymag.com/2015/06/17/swedens-this-is-head-debut-shape-shifting-people-track

måndag 30 mars 2015


Mar 21 Adrian recordings party at Kägelbanan in Stockholm was great! - thanks all for commming outtt! and thanks for all nice words after the show. felt soooo good to play some new songs
and yes we been working with a lot of new songs since we started the new record sessions in Los Angeles February 2014. some of them are finished and everything is recorded, some need a bit more time in the studio but very soon a new album is recorded!!
take care//thisisheadssdaehsisiht

söndag 3 augusti 2014


Last week we played a new track "Saknaden" live on Swedish national radio P3. listen here: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=2024&artikel=5918503

torsdag 20 mars 2014

torsdag 21 november 2013

Live recordings from Stockholm last week

You can listen to some nice live recordings from our show in Stockholm last week:

fredag 8 november 2013

Köp Repetition 7" i skivbutiken Rundgång!

Godmorgon Malmö, fira in helgen med att gå till skivbutiken Rundgång och redan idag inhandla helt färskpressade This is head 7" vinylen med spåren: Repetition Slow & Repetition Dance! Endast 50 kr. Limiterad upplaga! OBS 7" släpps rikstäckande på tisdag nästa vecka. Allt gott

fredag 25 oktober 2013

Next friday: Kalmar!

1st nov, Klubb Popidyll, Kalmar
more info: https://www.facebook.com/popidyllen?fref=ts

tisdag 15 oktober 2013

New live dates!

13 nov Lilla Hotellbaren Stockholm
15 nov Kafé De Luxe Växjö
20 dec KB Malmö

Soon new release!

måndag 26 augusti 2013

Thanks to all nice festivals and all the cool/kind people we have met during the summer of 2013

Here is something to remember, a summer-video, us playing A B - Version on a small island in the sun, Jurmo (Åland). 

fredag 28 juni 2013

Coming live shows July!

We will play some festivals this coming month:
12 JULY ~~~ http://www.islandinthesun.nu
13 JULY ~~~ http://www.parkfesten.se
20 JULY ~~~ http://popigapet.se
Please come see us!